ICOB Community Updates

ICOB Academy

Get your children registered this Sunday, Sept. 14th, between 11am and 1:30pm. This is the last chance to register at the lower tuition rates. It is a requirement to pre-register your children online at: http://goo.gl/A8oJQC.

Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

  • 9/1/2014     Online pre-registration for All
  • 9/7/2014     In person complete registration and payment for return students.
  • 9/14/2014   In person complete registration and evaluation for new students.
  • 9/21/2014   Late in person complete registration and evaluation for new students.
  • 10/5/2014   2014-2015 Sunday School Start day.


Regular Activities

ICOB’s Weekly Tea Party

Everybody is invited to ICOB’s weekly tea party, every Saturday after Fajr salat (check Fajr salat times).

ICOB Weekly Tea Party

Weekly Family Halaqa with Sheikh Amin

Learn Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) prayer.

weekly_family halaqa

Youth Itikaaf program with Sheikh Amin

Let’s learn, behave, eat, sleep, speak and even play in a good environment and according to Sunnah. Insha’Allah, there will be an Itikaaf program with Sheikh Amin. The program will be a mix of learning and fun activities for the youth.

ICOB Monthly Youth Itikaaf

ICOB Quran

Memorize and learn the Holy Quran



ICOB Islamic Studies

An Islamic Studies curriculum developed by our very own Sh. Amin.



New Location for Jumu’ah (1st Service)

Due to the rapid growth of our community, Alhamdulillah, ICOB is holding Jumu’ah prayer at the Carol Edwarsd Center in Woodinville.

Address: 17401 133rd Ave NE Woodinville, WA 98072

Please note we are still holding the 2nd service (3:30pm) in ICOB. This change is only for the 1st (1:30pm) service.