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  • ICOB 2013 BBQ Party
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  • ICOB ACADEMY Graduation Ceremony-2013
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  • ICOB Relocation Announcement

    On behalf of the ICOB community, it gives us a great pleasure to announce to the rest of the Muslim Community that ICOB  had moved to a new location 10634 E Riverside Dr Suite 200, Bothell, WA 98011. Thanks are all due to Allah Subhanaho Wa Tala that we were able to plant this seed in the heart of Downtown Bothell by establishing a small center on Main Street.

    The Islamic Center of Bothell (ICOB) has been in existence since August of 2009, and has been serving the surrounding community (Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Mill Creek and Woodinville). That void that was there for so many years, al hamdollelah now is been served daily. In the last few years, we have outgrown our current place on Main Street and have faced challenges to move to a bigger place.

    So, in the absence of having the means to fund a permanent facility for now, we have decided to lease a newer and a much larger place where we will be able to offer Jumuha, the 5 daily salah, classes for our children, Halaqa for Brothers and Sisters.

    For ICOB to have its own permanent facility to serve this much needed gap in our area, it would require a much larger financial help than what we are currently receiving from our immediate community.
    To this end, we are pleading to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in the neighboring communities to help support our much needed effort in establishing a permanent facility that will serve as a North East hub to the Puget Sound area where we will be able to serve the needs of our rapidly growing Muslim community.


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Role of the Masjid

Masjid literally means "a place for prostration" (Sajdah), a humbling position before Allah (swt) and an essential part of salat (formal prayer). Even though salat can be performed anywhere, for the Prophet (pbuh) said, “The whole Earth is made as a place of worship (masjid) and a means of cleansing for me,” Muslims come to the masjid to offer salat, for it is preferable to pray with others, even if only two persons. A hadith says that one receives as 27-fold reward for praying in congregation. Also, the Friday noon prayer must be offered in a congregation.
People learn, teach, and study the Qur’an and other Islamic literature, as well as discuss community issues, in the masjid. This was the Prophet’s practice (pbuh), for he conducted his meetings and most of his duties as Islamic community’s leader at the masjid. The young Muslim community used to gather there for a variety of reasons, even to lead expeditions.

Thus, we should use the masjid to educate, create awareness, and help improve our plight.

Ibadah (worship and obedience)

Some Muslims, especially secularized ones, mistakenly think that Islam and the masjid should be limited to acts of worship. However, Islam means complete submission, commitment, and obedience to Allah (swt), for only the Creator knows what is best for us and the universe.  We exist only to serve Him: “I have only created jinns and human beings only to serve me” (Surat adh-Dhariyat, 51:56). Our salvation in the next life, as well as our success here lie in serving Him alone.

ICOB Accomplishments and future plans

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